Name Institution Poster Title
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Duan, Suqin Tsinghua University Warming Warms the Warmest the Worst
Fajber, Robert University of Toronto Connecting air mass heat content with local and remote diabatic sources
Fu, Dan Texas A&M University Simulations of the Tropical Cyclone Climatology and Interannual Variability Using a High-Resolution Tropical Channel Model
Goss, Michael Stanford University Stratosphere-troposphere coupling during polar vortex splits and displacements
Heede, Ulla Yale University Timescales and Mechanisms of the Tropical Pacific Response to Global Warming
Henry, Matthew McGill University Role of the high latitude lapse rate feedback forcing dependence in the residual polar warming of solar radiation management experiments
Hu, Shineng Scripps, UC San Diego On the physics of orographic elevated heating and albedo-elevation compensation in radiative-convective equilibrium
Hui, Katrina Caltech The roles of continental geometry on the annual and seasonal mean ITCZ
Kang, Wanying Harvard University The general circulation in a reversed temperature gradient world: implications for the high obliquity climate
Kim, Doyeon Ulsan National Insitute of Science of Technology Remote and local effect of vertical warming structure in the polar region
Klavans, Jeremy RSMAS, University of Miami Variable external forcing obscures the weak relationship between the NAO and north Atlantic multi-decadal SST variability
Kong, Hailu University of Chicago The eddy diffusivity in barotropic beta-plane turbulence
Li, Ryan Yale University Thinning Anvil Clouds and a Reversed Iris Feedback
Li, Qian Pennsylvania State University Evidence of Jet-Scale Overturning Circulations in an Eddy-Resolving Ocean Model and Observed Argo Trajectories
Linz, Marianna UCLA Non-Gaussian Tracer Distributions from Horizontal Advection
Lutsko, Nick MIT Investigating the Relationship Between TOA Energy Fluxes and Surface Temperature as a Function of Frequency
Ming, Alison British Antarctic Survey, UK Seasonal and interannual variations in upwelling and temperatures in the tropical UTLS
Driving upwelling with heating in the lower stratosphere
Interactive chemistry and the ozone hole
Novakova, Lenka Caltech Midwinter suppression of storm tracks in an idealized zonally symmetric setting
Rencurrel, M. Cameron University of Albany, SUNY The Efficiency of the Hadley Cell Response to Wide Variations in Ocean Heat Transport
Rollings, Michael McGill University The role of forced and natural variability in recent Hadley cell expansion
Shen, Zhaoyi Caltech Constraining aerosol forcing from land surface air temperature records
Sheshadri, Aditi Stanford University Propagating annular modes of the troposphere and stratosphere
Shin, Yechul Ulsan National Insitute of Science of Technology The Tropical Response to Periodic Extratropical Thermal Forcings: A three-step sequential mechanism
Siler, Nicholas Oregon State University Insights into the zonal-mean response of the hydrologic cycle to global warming from a diffusive energy balance model
Snide, Chelsea University of Albany, SUNY Large Scale Observations and Model Analysis of the Ununsal 2015-2016 El Nino Event:  Implications for California Precipitation
Tan, Zhihong University of Chicago The Sensitivity to Radiative Assumptions of the Jet Stream Response to Climate Change
Thomas, Natalie University of Maryland Seasonality in the Surface and Upper-Air Warming over North America: Structure and Mechanisms
Wang, Lei Harvard University Mean-state-dependence of blocking dynamics in a dry core and a two-layer quasi-geostrophic model
Wang, Peidong University of Wisconsin-Madison The Role of Volcanic Forcing in the North Atlantic Hydroclimate Over the Last Millennium
White, Dylan North Carolina State University Eddy Momentum Flux Maintenance of the African Easterly Jet
Zhang, Xiyue Caltech Idealized climate change of polar clouds under consitent large-scale forcing
Zhao, Bowen Yale University Insensitivity of the Pacific ITCZ to hemispherically asymmetric thermal forcing
Zhou, Wenyu Scripps, UC San Diego A Spectral-Plume Model for Understanding Tropical Temperature Deviation from Moist Adiabat